Upma Tinesindi

Upma Tinesindi is romantic comedy short film it is very good romantic film and the actors who acted in this film was performed good enough. This movie attract youth especially some things will be related to real life. Excellent job by cameraman and editing.. looks very high quality nothing less than a full budget movie. It is very simple story that the director has shown this film was to be appreciate.

Upma Tinesindi Story 

The story in this movie Upma Tinesindi was about two software employees who fall in love after some days they decided to date and hero decided to live with her in his room. For few months they live very happily together. After some days their attitude will change with their routine life and they dislike each other for small reasons. One early morning they woke up to get ready to office and she asked him that night I kept message to you to bring eggs did you brought, for that he said no. She immediately asked him now what you can eat. Then she stood to prepare breakfast but she think why should I prepare today is his term. She said to him that she will eat in office if you interested in preparing you can. After some time he prepare Upma and went for bath within that time she eat that and keep only empty dishes. When he arrived to kitchen he will get angry on seeing empty dishes and asked her why you ate without my permission. Then by this incident they decided to cut their relation and stay separate. Any way the short film was very good now a days the actors in short film getting good chance in movies. Upma Tinesindi got good response in youtube stay tuned for many updates visit again Tollywoodhub.com

Upma Tinesindi Romantic Short Film

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Akhil Warning
Akhil Warning

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