Keechaka Movie Review Ratings

Here we providing latest movie Keechaka Movie Review Ratings. For making the true story as movie was very difficult and output of the film will may not acceptable if anything goes wrong. Same thing faced by the Keechaka director Chowdary while making this kind of risky movie. Keechaka Movie Review Ratings , Coming to the story one girl who is working as software engineer come to Gandhi nagar from Hyderabad city. When she entered situations in Gandhinagar was not so good because Jwala koti a big rowdy and rapist was became big head ache to that area and he already showing his Psycho things to public and harass women who found beautiful to him and he already rape 300 above women and some people in that area tries to help her and told her please vacate this area otherwise you will face a big problem with the rapist Koti. Then she give reply to him that she came here for doing one important thing without finishing that task I can’t vacate this area. Remaining thing you must watch in theater what is the important work she must complete and how she faced the rowdy Koti after that how Koti life will end up. In the director point of view he tries a lot to show true story as it is while the output of this film looks similar to the documentary for that it affects the movie drama. For more information about Keechaka Movie Review Ratings.

Keechaka Movie Review Ratings 

Plus points

  • Some raw scenes attracts audience.
  • Actors and actress acting performance.
  • Some scenes director deals equal to commercial big cinemas.
  • Director received output from the technicians very well in low budget.

Minus Points

  • Too much violence
  • Class audience never expect some scene ( cutting some personal parts of women and men with knife)
  • Starting introduction of the film looks like documentary.
  • Rape scenes are frequently showed in the movie.
  • Some characters in the movie will not understand by audience.

Rattings 2/5

Keechaka Movie New Trailer

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