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Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithey Movie Review

Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithey Movie Review

The famous comedy show extra jabardasth comedy actors new film “Dhanalakshmi Thalupu Thadithey”is coming on july31st in theatres. Dhanraj is a famous comedy actor in telugu industry.he acted so many films as comedy artist. he created so many laughs in the theatres with his comedy. He became popular comedy actor through extra jabardasth comedy show on ETV Telugu.and some other comedy actors also became popular through this show (shakalaka Shankar, rocket raghava, chalaki chanti, venu wonders,shaking sheshu raccha ravi and others).The film is Directed by Sai Achyuth Chinnari. produced by Comedian Dhanraj. Recently the trailor is released and it is good. Dhanraj looking very  special in this trailor.

Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithey Movie Review:

Plus Points:





Jabardhasth Team Song

Minus Points:


Lengthy Story

Poor editing


Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithey Movie Review

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