Baahubali In Mobiles

Baahubali is the india’s biggest motion picture and it created so many records throughout india already we know, This movie became legendary movie of india. With this movie the hero and the actors of this film got fame throughout the world. The Legendary Director for this film is SS Rajamouli. In tollywood industry so many directors are there but through out the world ss rajamouli got good fame and he is called as Jakkanna in Telugu film industry. In this film with a big surprise he announced Baahubali 2 is coming soon and to know Why the Kattappa Killed Baahubali can be known after the baahubali2 release. This is very interesting point to say that in the history of films from all the film industries including hollywood it is very rare to see this type of movie and the concept from rajamouli to give a suspense from movie in historical movies. Up to now so many historical films are came in hollywood as well as in Bollywood, But extending the movie with a big suspense is only done in the hands of Rajamouli. This is the most proud thing to know, How ever rajamouli done good job and audience are waiting for second part. Now Baahubali In Mobiles is coming soon.

Baahubali In Mobiles
Baahubali In Mobiles

Baahubali In Mobiles The game Coming Soon :

With in this process Recently in the news it is came to known that, Baahubali movie is Extending its brand through comics and games. Yes IT IS TRUE THAT BAAHUBALI GAME AND COMIC BOOKS ARE COMING SOON, Rajamouli said that ““’Baahubali’ is a big world, out of which the films are just a small part, There are many more stories to be told. There are many areas in the film that were skimmed over that will now be explored. I’ll be overseeing everything.” Rajamouli also revealed that filming of the sequel “Baahubali: The Conclusion” is under way and likely to conclude in August or September, ahead of a probable release in late 2016 or early 2017. The two films together have a production cost of $50 million. The Graphic India is Expanding this Baahubali with games, Very soon Baahubali game is coming to entertain, The audience are eagerly waiting for this second part and also for the games. The Baahubali VFX work is good and to see this vfx working of Baahubali follow the below link.

Baahubaki VFX Working Video :

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