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Akhil Movie Review

The movie started with the background of some OJO tribal people. Next scene villain gang attacks on the OJO tribal people for the valuable JUA. Fans are eagerly waiting for the hero Ahkil first scene in his life he comes with the action scene. Then first song will start there Akhil steps are highlighted with his fast movements in the entire song there are very heavy steps. Another key role in this movie senior comedy hero Rajendra Prasad was entered with double meaning dialogues and we can expect a good comedy from him. Both akhil and Heroine have scenes with Rajendra Prasad. Sapthagiri and Vennela kishore comedy was fantastic. Interval scenes are ended with the high action scenes up to the interval all the commercial aspects are plus points for this film and let us see what the movie about after the break. Below you can see Akhil Movie Review ratings.

After Break :

The top popular comedian super star Brahmi enter as Johnson n Johnson Brahmi have his comedy scenes with Vennela Kishore and Akhil . All main characters in this movie will try to make audience laugh in second half. The major period of the movie runs on African forest area. The King Nagarjuna entry in Akkineni Akkineni song was Highlight. Fans will enjoy a lot after seeing Nagarjuna on Screen suddenly. See below Akhil Movie Review.

Akhil Movie Review :

Plus Points :

  • Amazing production values by the producer Nithin. No compromise in quality.
  • Akhil Base voice and acting performance.
  • Action scenes in street chasing fight was very awesome and Dance by hero Akhil.
  • Brahmanandam comedy.

Minus Points :

  • Climax ending scenes Routine adventures.
  • Heroine
  • One song is very good but not suitable in foreign background.

Review Rattings: 4/5 Akhil Movie Review Ratings.

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